12 Haziran 2012

hadi canım inanıyorum.

This month should bring welcome relief. You've been frustrated with many challenges and obstacles lately, but in June, you should start to see heartening signs that you are coming out of the woods. There is light, dear Libra! Difficulties cannot last forever, and with an unusual buildup of planets in fellow air sign Gemini - Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun, and TWO new moons - opportunity to change your circumstances will now begin to appear.

In love, this month things are picking up, but you may need to wait until July and August to see just how sweet romance can be. Mars is now in a weak place in your chart, but that will change as of July 3, when Mars enters Libra. That's when you turn into the golden one, as charming and alluring as can be. Venus will regulate her orbit by month's end, June 27, and that too will help you. To top it all off, you will have Jupiter in Gemini, sending you loving vibrations for a whole year to come. Dear Libra, everything is turning to your favor - believe it! 

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